CONNECTION_ERROR Consent and a Cup of Tea | Veronica Buna

I have now watched this video at least 25 times in the last two and a half months. If it has not yet made it’s way across your Facebook or Twitter newsfeeds (or whatever other social media network you use) then I highly recommend you take the 3 minutes out of your day to watch it.

For some of you it’ll seem like everything that is said in this video makes perfect sense and how could anyone not see it. For others you may realize that things you never even thought of as being potentially problematic actually are.

This video uses a cup of tea as a metaphor for sex. It might seem ridiculous to think of in that way, trust me when I say that it makes its point! Yes it requires you to make the link and take the time to really think about how the cup or tea and sex are one and the same- you can do it, I have faith 😉

Enjoy the video!