CONNECTION_ERROR Dove #ChooseBeautiful Ad Made Me Think | Veronica Buna

I am very well aware of the fact that this is in fact an advertising campaign. I know that Dove is using the message of #ChooseBeautiful to get women to see that the company really does care and therefore by appealing to our emotions we then want to support the positive messages by buying their beauty products. I get it. I understand that it’s a ploy for profit. And if you didn’t before I wrote all that then I hope you realize it now.

That being said I actually like this video. Just need you to know that I understand the flip side before you keep reading.

This video showcases how women, because women are the target market here, view themselves. Although I would be really curious to see what would happen if we targeted men in exactly the same way, wonder what the doorway labels would be… Anyway…

Dove labeled two doorways, one said Beautiful and the over said Average. Then they filmed women walking through the doors, observed the behaviour and talked to some of them.

The woman I found the most interesting is the one who chose to not even choose a door! She saw the signs and fully turned around and walked away. I find it the most interesting because she took a stand. Perhaps she wasn’t purposefully taking a stand but my perception is that she took a stand. She saw the labels and chose not to buy into being labeled one way or another.

All of this to say that I think it’s sad that women tend to initially, without thinking about it, pick the average door- or even with thinking about it and putting to much emphasis on what they think is appropriate versus what they want to actually pick for themselves.

I’ll admit that about a month ago I would likely have walked through the average door, even now in all honesty I might still walk through that door. However, I have been consciously choosing to do things that make me feel beautiful and confident. Since January 17th I have not been eating refined sugar, I feel better. Since January 20th or so I have been making a bigger and relatively constant effort to be physical and workout. And for a month now I have actually been putting make up on everyday.

Yes there is a debate to be had about loving yourself as you are and not changing that because of what society says you are meant to be. There is also something to be said about not needing make up to be beautiful because beauty on the inside is what’s more important. And I agree with you- being beautiful is more than what I look like, but I FEEL more beautiful when I take care of myself and eating well, working out and putting make up on has become part of that for me.

I started to really #ChooseBeautiful on Saturday March 7th after my emotional breakdown the night before and it showed.

It really does require a constant choice to feel beautiful just like it’s a choice to be happy and to be sad and to be in love and to eat well and to move your body- life is full of choices so why not choose the choices that make us feel good about ourselves.

Yes Dove is using this as an ad, get over it and look at it for the message that we all need to hear choose to feel good about yourself!

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