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If you haven’t watched the video yet

let me start by saying I hope you do.

Just in case visual and auditory aren’t your thing and you prefer to read then this is for you…

Have you ever wondered what makes someone a hero? Well a mentor of mine did.

In his quest to find something more meaningful in life he became a monk for 8 years, before they kicked him out because he was restless and meant to be teaching. During his time at the monastery he studied the lives of people who he considered to be heroes.

He came up with a list of three skills that all heroes possess. I challenge you to find someone you consider a hero who does NOT have all three skills! Every hero…

Knows who they are and what they stand for

Communicates powerfully and beautifully

Makes a contribution

The first skill, knowing who you are and what you stand for is how Heart Virtues came to be. Every hero was deeply committed to something, a virtue, that guided their decisions and their lives. Martin Luther King was committed to Brotherhood. Mother Teresa was committed to Compassion. Mahatma Gandhi was committed to Peaceful Liberation.

What are you committed to?

By Unlocking Your Heart Virtue it gives you greater understanding of yourself. The clearer you get about who you are, what you stand for and what is most meaningful to you the more powerful you become. When your Heart Virtue is being validated you experience an abundance of joy and love, otherwise known as goosebump moments. When your Heart Virtue is being violated you experience constriction and become enraged, we call those rage moments.

Putting words to what you are most committed to not only gives you clarity for yourself but it also allows you to communicate it powerfully and beautifully with the people around you. It also gives you a deeper understanding and therefore tolerance of what happens in your life; when you have a goosebump moment they become more meaningful and when you have those rage moments you are more prepared to communicate clearly.

I am committed to Respect, Integrity and Confidence; I am passionate about empowering others to get really clear about who they are and what they stand for. Being a Heart Virtue expert allows me to do just that. I hope that you take the opportunity to join me for a 3 hour session to Unlock Your Heart Virtue.

These sessions can even be done via Skype and for a limited time I am offering the sessions for only $75.

Heart Virtues in action!

Katy Perry’s music video for her hit single “Fireworks”

is actually a really great example of Heart Virtues in action!


In this video each character experiences a painful situation, that triggers them to find

the strength within to be who they really are and stand up for what they believe is right.

  • The young boy protecting his sister from his fighting parents; eventually he says “That’s enough! You will no longer treat each other this way”
  • The teenage girl who is uncomfortable with her body finally decides that she is good enough and confident enough to get in the pool
  • The guy who is being bullied in the alley finds tolerance for the bullies and harnesses his love of magic to ‘fight’ back

Each and every one of us has the power to make a difference and it starts within.