CONNECTION_ERROR I am in a Relationship again | Veronica Buna

with my yoga mat!

My yoga mat and I have not been talking to each other for about a year. I am not exactly sure what it was that broke us apart. I’ll admit that we were not super tight to begin with, although we really did give it a go for awhile.

Two weeks ago a friend of mine asked me to join her at a yoga class. Maybe this is what my mat and I needed; another couple to spice things up again! I was sure that although my mat would be very understanding of me in that first class back together again, my mind and body may have had other plans. I was fortunate. Class was full that day and with the combined energy of everyone in class I was able to stay in the present and the flow. I was sure to thank my mat that day.

I went back to class last week, this time my mind and body were not totally in sync. I took a few more child’s poses and savasanas than I would have liked; my mat just always welcomed me in them though, with open arms, allowing me to rest and re-gain my connection.

Today in class the idea for this blog post came to me. I was lying in the mid-way savasana and LOVING it. It was the moment that I realized my mat and I had re-solidified our connection and our relationship.

While I was lying in the final savasana of class the instructor challenged us to take our time and to really listen to our bodies as to when the right time for us, as individuals, was to come out of our pose and practice and go about the rest of our day. I stayed for awhile. I genuinely LOVE savasana. I have heard people say that it’s their least favourite pose and I just don’t get it.

In savasana it doesn’t matter that I can feel every bead of sweat sliding into my eyes, or that my hamstrings are tight, or that my heals still don’t touch the floor in my downward dog (which is a pose I have finally come to enjoy). In savasana it doesn’t matter that I have not been in a relationship with my mat for awhile. In savasana I can feel my mat say, “I am so happy you are here. Thank you for being with me.” Sometimes I can even hear my mat say this when I’m in plank- I just have to strain to hear it over my own voice saying, “damn you!”

I am grateful that my mat and I are in a relationship again because it means that I am also building a stronger relationship with myself; my body, mind and spirit. If you are a yoga practitioner and haven’t been on your mat lately I’m sure it’s lonely- mine was, and it’s not judging you for leaving it alone for awhile. If you practice regularly, have you told your mat how much you appreciate it lately? And for those of you who decided to read this blog even though you do not do yoga, do you do something that you have been neglecting that would bring you joy? Maybe it’s time to build it up again 🙂

I enjoyed writing this post, felt different than my other stuff. I hope you enjoyed reading it!