CONNECTION_ERROR Incredible and Powerful Speech | Veronica Buna

Everyone was talking about this speech yesterday morning. I tend to wait until the dust settles before I seek things out, typically thinking to myself, “this is probably not as amazing as everyone says it is”. Sometimes I am right. At least I have decided I am right- like Avatar; it was cinematically a beautiful movie, however the story itself was Disney’s Pocahontas! I was not super impressed. Nor did I care about The Titanic, which people were obsessed about!!!

ANYWAY- this time I wish I had watched the speech as soon as I heard the hype. It is truly fabulous. And even though it makes me feel like an ass, purely because I am white, I can certainly get over it. It helps me really put life in perspective and remember that microaggressions still happen everyday and that as much as I like to think I do not take part or cause them it is very possible that I do. Thank goodness for the people who can speak with such clarity and conviction and truth because without them nothing would ever change.

Jesse Williams, to you I say thank you. Thank you for saying what you said in the way you said it and please keep saying it on every stage that you step foot on because everyone needs to hear it. The fact is that you are saying it for all of us; for all the people that believe in equality and respect and working hard to breakdown the walls of oppression that have been created and built up over the years. Thank you!

If you were like me and still have not seen the speech yet click HERE to watch it!