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 Daring Greatly

My book! Seriously it’s like Brené Brown is in my head and has lived my life.

My biggest strength and my biggest weakness is my ability to be vulnerable. I know that’s contradictory but I also know it to be true. I can stand in front of 300 people and be open, exposed, authentic and vulnerable. Put in a dynamic with one person that I desire and I cannot handle it. In both situations there’s no where to hide, in one I’m fine with it and in the other I want to sit in the corner and rock myself to sleep!

This book is an incredible read that explains, better than I ever could, how ALL of your power lies within your ability to be vulnerable. Stepping into a space where you may be rejected, ridiculed or ignored takes courage and that means you are being vulnerable and that is what “Daring Greatly” is all about.