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 Delivering Happiness

I read this book because it showed up in my mail box one day. The company I worked for at the time sent it to everyone as a holiday gift.

I LOVE this book!

On the book jacket there’s a ‘Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Read This Book’ list that I hadn’t even looked at before reading the book. Looking at it now though #5, create a strong company culture, #4, better customer experience, #3, build something special and #2, find inspiration, are the things I really got out of this book.

The story of Zappos and how Zappos came to be as powerful as it is is one of the most interesting reads ever, in my humble opinion obviously.

All 10 of the reasons on the book jacket apply to this book so if there’s even one that triggers your interest order this book right now and move it to the top of your reading pile.

“Delivering Happiness” is written in a very real, down to earth and authentic way, which is likely why I loved it so much, on top of it being really informative.