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 Eat, Pray, Love


I really loved this book. I know that you could just watch the movie starring Julie Roberts, which I also enjoyed, but reading this book is so much better. I am sure that I love this book so much because I wish I was brave enough to do what Elizabeth Gilbert did! In any case I really enjoy Gilbert’s voice, it’s quirky, very real and she calls it like it is, which is something I always appreciate- in real life and in literature!

Eat, Pray, Love is her journey of self discovery and self love. I admire her bravery and courage to go out into the unknown, spend a LOT of time with herself and come out of it stronger and better for it.

Be forewarned that in reading this book you will want to book a trip to some place you have never been. Travel is one of the best ways to observe yourself…

Enjoy reading this one woman’s journey as you continue your own.