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The Secret

I remember reading this book during one of my vacations from working for Disney Cruise Line. It seemed to be the only thing being spoken about within the world of personal development at the time so I had to read it.

For those of you that do not know what The Secret is about let me fill you in. The Secret discussed the Law of Attraction; like attracts like. Think positive thoughts get positive results. Think negative thoughts get negative results. That is the base argument.

Although this is what the book is saying there is more to it. It’s not as simple as ignore all negative thought and doubt, only think positively and your life will be perfect. I believe that it is saying that since your thoughts are part of what creates your reality choose them wisely.

I recommend this book if you are new to the world of personal development or if you just need a refresher. There are a bunch of little nuggets within the book that you are sure to have a few “ah-ha” moments of clarity. It’s a great starting point.

Do me a favour though and do not for a second fool yourself into thinking that you can simply start thinking positively and all your pain and struggles will suddenly vanish and all of your dreams will now come true. Welcome to the world of personal development! Where we work at dealing with our issues so we can be better versions of ourselves.