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The Art of Asking

I was at Chapters, a Canadian chain bookstore, waiting for a date to meet me when I spotted this book. I suppose the cover caught my eye, there was something so real and so vulnerable about it- I was intrigued.

This is one of those books that takes you on a journey you never thought you would be invited to go on. Amanda Palmer has a unique voice that allows you to really be in her space. Every story that she tells brings you closer to her and in turn closer to yourself. We all have the fears that she goes through, she is just brave enough to voice them.

I highly recommend this book for so many reasons.

If you are an artist working on connecting to your fan base- read this book.┬áIf you are in business and are trying to understand how social media really works- read this book. If you are unsure of how to ask for help or have a hard time asking for help- read this book. If you are struggling in relationships- read this book. If you are unsure where your life is headed- read this book. If you are just looking to get lost in someone else’s life for awhile- read this book.

Enjoy the read!

To Amanda Palmer,

Thank you for making your story accessible to all of us, even the people who were not previously fans. At some point while reading the book I realized I had in fact seen your TED talk. As of right this minute I have not listened to your music yet- I promise I will once this is posted.