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Turning Terrible Into Terrific

Have you ever met someone that you could listen to talk forever? I realize forever is a long time but it just seemed like the appropriate word. In any case Dennis Cummins is one of those people for me. He is funny, clever, witty, sarcastic and just the right amount of dramatic at all the right times.

Reading his book, “Turning Terrible Into Terrific” is like having Dennis in your head. He has written this book like he talks so it is also funny, clever, witty, sarcastic, dramatic at all the right times and wise (you always have a little time to reflect when you write so his wisdom is also there).

This book is a wonderful read to inspire and challenge you to make the changes you so crave for you life. He incorporates other peoples stories and asks you to do some work.

Use this book as an excellent launch pad for who you are yet to be, regardless of where along your journey you are!