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I wrote a book


I believe that sex is the one thing that every single person on this planet has in common. I wrote the book “S-E-X: How did YOU learn to spell it?” because I wanted to make people stop and think about sex and what it means to them; not their parents, their friends, their teachers or their religious leaders!

Once you have a clear understanding of what your beliefs around are sex the easier it is to communicate that with others.

This starts a chain reaction; the more that people talk about sex, the easier it becomes to talk about and then the more likely that people will ask the questions they have. They are now more informed and therefore are able to make better decisions.


I Talk About It

Having a discussion about sex can be awkward and challenging. Having someone who is comfortable enough to write a book from her own experience with sex and relationships come and lead a discussion about sex and what it means, takes away the ‘awkward and challenging’.

When you really know who you are and what you want you are powerful, and therefore are much less likely to be taken advantage of. I have been speaking in front of people my whole life and I am genuinely curious as to what people think, feel and believe; especially about sex. My objective is to really arm people with information and the skills to make up their own minds about where they stand so that they can stand firm for themselves.

I am committed to empowering people to take control of their lives and to stand for what they believe in.


Here’s what people have to say about it…

Read it with my sweetie!

My sweetie and I read a chapter at a time and answered the questions at the end, out loud, together and it was so wonderful.

It was great for myself personally, releasing old stories around sex, and taking a minute to reflect on all of it, remembering that life really is just perspective. It’s so funny. At one point I thought sex was horribly wrong and embarrassing to talk about, uncomfortable etc. Now I see the gift that sex is. How natural it all is, and really, really beautiful. I love sharing that space with my sweetie. Thank you, thank you, thank you for writing this!

– Tamarah Masdon, 30

Raw. Beautiful. Great read.

This is a read for anyone who is looking for clarity around the topic of sex. Veronica lays her own personal experiences down no hold barred style and opens up fully to the reader. This style of writing really allows for one to begin to think about sex in ways that provoke the reader to really think about what sex means to them personally.

Sex is a wonderful thing and Veronica takes us on her personal roller coaster ride that touches on so many aspects that so many people have experienced. The difference? Unlike myself, and I am sure most others, she questioned what these experiences meant and pushes the reader to dig down finally ask the questions ourselves.

-Shaun Bicego, 26

S-E-X A must read for North American Teens

It takes tremendous courage and love to share your views and experiences with sex openly with the world. Through this book, Veronica Buna gives others permission to do the same, including me. This book reminds me of many of the discoveries I made especially throughout my teens, and I think it should be required reading for every teen growing up in North America.

– Oren Weintraub, 31

I loved it!

Veronica shares her experiences so candidly that I read the whole book immediately. It really got me thinking about my own personal life and the positive and negatives in it. She isn’t afraid to admit when she may have been wrong, and use less-than-fulfilling experiences to clarify what she really wants. An amazing personal growth story out of one of those taboos everyone shares.

– Katana Dufour, 27

Honest and thought provoking

It wasn’t until part way through that I became captivated by, and somewhat connected to, the author, character and experiences.

At first I wondered whether the book had been targeted at the wrong age group, as I imagined how a 15 year old me – naive, narcissistic and self proclaimed know it all- might interpret these deeply personal reflections of a complete stranger. It wasn’t until I found myself not being able to put it down that I realized the value of providing a chronological story, the complete journey from childhood to adulthood and all the awkward moments in between that no one else is brave enough to admit.

The authors use of chapters to move between reflection and fiction, and to signify the passing of time, was an effective way to convey the impact that these issues can have in the long term and personally enabled me to compare and reflect on my own experiences.

Despite a clear polarity in my upbringing, early sexual awareness and ultimately my encounters, to those described in the book, I found myself relating more and more to the anecdotes as I went causing me to think back- something I don’t like to do- to see whether I could identify the same moments in my adolescence. It would have taken courage to write many of the thoughts and experiences conveyed and they translate into honest recounts but remain respectful to the reader. Messages many adolescents should read but perfect for testing out the beauty of hindsight.

– Georgia Bradshaw, 23