CONNECTION_ERROR Standing for my Heart Virtues | Veronica Buna

I am very fortunate to have the friends that I have, for 99% of my Facebook feed is full of love, inspiration and pointed social commentary.

I have never felt the need to say, “That’s not okay” to any of my friends on social media… Until last night.

A friend of mine wrote, “Fuck Bruce Jenner” and a friend of his posted the meme that shows a solider carrying a fellow solider through a dessert and Caitlyn Jenner giving her speech at the ESPY’s (which if you haven’t seen yet is seriously worth your time), the meme reads, “This is what courage looks like, not this”. My friend then wrote “that’s what’s up bro”.

I just about lost my shit. I can guarantee that if these two guys, and all the others who liked the “that’s what’s up bro” comment were standing in front of me they would have gotten a much bigger verbal backlash from me than what I actually typed in response to their disrespect.

I am committed to Respect, Integrity and Confidence. Reading this post violated my heart virtues in a way that I haven’t felt in a LONG time. I tend to keep my anger in check, especially since I am committed to respect because often- not always, but often- when I get angry I can become disrespectful in the way I communicate. I almost did last night. I retracted some of what I had initially written because I realized that’s what I was doing.

In any case I stood for what I felt was right. I wrote, “Who exactly are the two of you to judge what someone’s courage looks like?! Everyone has different battles in life that they overcome and it takes courage every step of the way.” Trust me when I say there was so much more I wanted to write! My friend’s response was to tell me I wasted my time. My response took less than two seconds to formulate because I was clearly so passionate about it: “And there in lies a major difference between us. It’s only a waste of my time if I felt it wasn’t important to stand for respect. You are completely entitled to your own opinions, however when you become a bully and disrespectful- it will never be a waste of time to say something. Her name, by the way, is Caitlyn.”

I don’t much give a shit what people think. You are completely entitled to have your opinions. However, like I said to them, when you become a bully and are being disrespectful you can be sure that I will say something.

There are plenty of people who might very well share¬†my ‘friend’ and his buddies, point of view within my Facebook community, but I haven’t seen any.

We have so many tools at our disposal to communicate right now and it’s incredible. Please just be respectful of others and their lives. Please remember that we are in fact one people living in 7 billion worlds versus 7 billion people living in one world. That means, cause it took me awhile to fully grasp, that we are one people- the human race, we all look different, talk different, walk different, and we are all exactly the same- going through our own journeys and living in our own worlds which also all look different.

Courage takes many forms for each of us. For some people just waking up every morning is courageous. It takes courage to go into battle, it takes courage to stand for who you really are, it takes courage to be 8 years old and stand in front of your class to give a speech, it takes courage to quit your job and chase your dreams, it takes courage to walk over to the pretty girl and ask her to share a drink with you, it takes courage to be VULNERABLE!!! Courage is something you have and I believe that each and every one of us possesses the skill to be courageous. I applaud you Caitlyn Jenner for stepping into who you really are. I applaud you veterans for standing for what you believe in.

To quote one of my favourite people on the planet, “Be kind to one another” – Ellen DeGeneres.


Update July 21st: The initial post was removed later that same day and is no longer on my friends’ Facebook page.