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I have both attended and worked MANY workshops and seminars over the years. I walked away from every single one having learned something, whether it was about myself, others or business.

I have complied a list of my absolute favourites. These are the ones that I recommend with my whole heart because they made the biggest impacts on me. I’ll be the first to admit that not all of these workshops excited me, honestly some of them downright terrified me and those were the ones I got the most out of.

If you have ANY questions about these events please do not hesitate to contact me.

Discover Your Sacred Gifts

monique dysgMonique MacDonald uses her unique set of gifts to deliver a wonderful program. She has coaches all over North America who are also available to assist you in Discovering Your Sacred Gifts.

The way I explain Sacred Gifts to people is that your gifts are HOW you do the things you do.

We all have skills and talents, learned things we are good at, and we all have gifts, things we excel at without really trying. Our gifts come naturally to us, we cannot really explain how we do them. When we are using our gifts we are energized and excited.

Everyone has sacred gifts. Figuring out which gifts I had gave me clarity about not only myself but others as well. Knowing what gifts I have allows me to really harness them because I am no longer trying to master gifts that do not belong to me. I now know what gifts I need to accomplish a task and I look for the people in my life who have those gifts, instead to attempting to do it alone.

I highly recommend attending the Discover Your Sacred Gifts two day event because there’s just something about having Monique there in person! If for whatever reason a trip to Vancouver is not an option for you I can put you in touch with coaches who have been certified by Monique to guide people through the discovery process!


The Mastery of Self Expression

mastery workshopI avoided attending this workshop for years. I knew I wanted to go but I just could not make myself show up.

Larry Gilman, one of the workshop leaders- the one I would recommend doing it with- is one of the most terrifyingly insightful human beings I have ever encountered. Hence why I avoided him like the plague. I knew that if I attended ‘The Mastery Of Self Expression’ there would be no where for me to hide.

I finally took the leap and attended in February 2014, took me five years to get there but I did it. And let me just tell you that I was right, there was no where to hide. This was a great thing for me since I needed to not be in hiding anymore, I needed people outside of my circle to see me. This workshop was unlike any I have ever done before and I am grateful.

‘The Mastery Of Self Expression’ is a relatively free flowing structure, which allows it to go where the participants need it to go. You are asked to show up fully, whatever that looks like and be true. Be ready to perhaps be a little messy and to walk away feeling rejuvenated.

Enlightened Warrior Training Camp

warrior training

This is a program that I would love every person in the world to do. I am very aware that this will never happen but if it resonates with you please connect with me and find out how to register.

Enlightened Warrior Training Camp is a designed as a way for you to meet the absolute best version of yourself. It is a highly experiential course.

Camp begins on a Sunday evening around 7pm and completes around midnight on Thursday. You wake up for the early morning session with everyone, have breakfast, attend the morning data session, have lunch, break into smaller groups for afternoon rotations, have dinner and then return for an evening session all together again.

This is not a lay on the beach and drink rum kind of vacation. You are pushed past your comfort zone for sure and although you may be uncomfortable you will discover that you are much more capable than you ever knew.

The differences after attending Enlightened Warrior Training Camp were not that visible to me or many people who knew me because much of who I was before camp, already lived the lessons ingrained at camp. However, it’s the little things that make the real difference and the self love and self acceptance I gained was beyond worth the 5 days of my life.

The best part of this course is that you never need to pull our the notes to know what you learned because you LIVED the lessons!